Thursday, October 6, 2011

Text Object

In reference to The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn, and other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture (Jussi Parikka and Tony D. Sampson, eds), I have provided a text object that is a digital representation of both spam e-mails and YouTube commentary of a musician online. 

We begin with an original image object of the guitar player in silhouette above. 

Next, I have added the YouTube comments from the online community of this guitar player's followers and added them only to the guitarist's outline. (Click image for a larger version.)

Then I added the spam that I receive for this guitar player's blog and added it to the guitar's outline. (Click image for a larger version.)

Above is the combination of both the guitar 'spam' outline and the guitar player's outline 'comments'. 

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